Lockdown pushes 60.9 % Indians to pay more for essential items

New Delhi, (IANS) As many as 60.9 per cent Indians divulged that they are getting essential items at higher prices pursuant to an unprecedented nation-wide shutdown, a survey revealed on Monday.
The net outcome came out in a survey conducted by IANS C-VOTER Corona Tracker on March 26 and March 27 across the country.
In the poll, a question — Are you getting essentials at a higher price now? — was put forth before people. While, 60.9 per cent agreed with the statement, 28.7 per cent disagreed with it and the rest chose not to answer.
Surge in prices can be attributed to panic-buying, which has led to dearth of essential items, black marketing and disruption of supply chain in the country.
Grocery items and medicines flew off the racks in the supermarkets barely few hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a lockdown for three weeks, starting from March 25.
The decision had taken people by surprise and led to mass hoarding of essential items.

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