Let Sania lead a peaceful wedded life


By S. Somesh Via e-mail

I am unable to understand the undue publicity given to the engagement and wedding of India’s tennis star Sania Mirza and Pakistan’s cricket player Shoaib Malik. Marriage is something personal. It is for Sania to marry a Pakistani or a citizen of any other country. It is her choice decision to marry Shoaib even it he is already married. Harping on such issues hardly serves any purpose.

When Sania and Shoaib are comfortable with each other, no law can prevent them from marrying. The alleged nikaah between Shoaib and Ayesha can be a sham, having no legal backing  behind it. The Indian tennis star and the Pakistani all-rounder should be given dual citizenship. They should settle down in Hyderabad or Sialkot

Sania’s proposed marriage with Shoaib is purely a  private affair. The undue media coverage, particularly Shoaib’s alleged marriage to Ayesha, is unwarranted. All this will only embarrass Sania. Some political parties and newspapers have condemned her choice of a Pakistani partner. The media should cover her tennis and leave her to lead a peaceful married life.

But there are many questions that the Siddquis, who claim that Shoaib married their daughter Ayesha in 2002, need to answer. Why did they wait for so long to take legal action against Shoaib? The criticism Sania is facing for her decision to marry Shoaib is exaggerated. There is nothing new in Indian girls marrying Pakistanis.

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