LDF govt. trying to stop BJP’s growth in Kerala through violence: Amit Shah

Kochi: BJP national president Amit Shah on Tuesday accused the CPI(M)-led LDF government in Kerala of trying to stop the growth of the saffron party through violence.
He condemned the killing of an RSS worker in Kannur on May 12, saying the government should work as per law and the Constitution and not through the party ideology.
“If the government fails to check the political violence, the BJP along with the Sangh Parivar will lead a very big agitation with people of Kerala,” Shah said in Kochi before leaving for a three-day visit to Lakshadweep.
“After the LDF government came to power, the manner in which the attacks are happening against BJP and RSS workers, it is clear that the way in which BJP is growing in Kerala, this Left government is trying to stop it through violence,” he said.
Ever since the Left government came to power, 13 BJP and RSS worker had been killed and it was not a coincidence, Shah alleged and added that it was impossible that so many attacks could have taken place without the backing of the government and administration.
The law and order situation had deteriorated and what was a matter of concern was that the government, despite the killings, was not concerned, he claimed.
“The BJP/RSS workers are being attacked and killed mercilessly and the CPI(M)-led LDF government is the least concerned to stop it,” Shah said.
The Marxist party cannot stop the popularity of the saffron party though violence, he said.

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