Latest Diwali Fashion: Layered Anarkali

­­­­­By  Ronnie Manuel Joseph

The Anarkali Suit is perhaps the perfect example of how vintage fashion can create such a huge come back. It is little surprise that the Anarkali Suit soared instantly in being one of the most liked Indian outfits in recent times, considering the timeless beauty and appeal of its silhouette. The main reason for Anarkali Suits to be so popular amongst women is the extremely feminine look it imparts. Besides the traditionally styled Anarkali Suit, the comeback of this outfit also brought along with it various other methods of styling Anarkali Suit which gave it a contemporary look as well.

Festivals are times when latest styles of every outfit hit the market. Similarly the latest style of Anarkali Suit that are spotted nowadays are layered Anarkalis. These Designer Anarkalis, in spite of being the current trend right now, are quite traditional in appeal and that makes them perfect for grand festivals such as Diwali. The latest layered Anarkalis usually feature an additional long sheer jacket along with the Anarkali Kameez.  It adds to the dramatic flair of an Anarkali Kameez and makes it even more impressive coupled with rather striking and decorative tie-ups at the front. Alternatively, besides a separate long jacket, there are other styles of layered Anarkali that feature layers of sheer fabric such as chiffon, net, etc., stitched over a brocade or crepe Anarkali Kameez. Such sheer layers not only make the Anarkali Kameez full, voluminous and striking, but also subtly subdue the dazzle of the bright and vibrant fabric underneath making it elegant. Layered Anarkalis look best on tall and lean women since the presence of multiple layers tends to make such Anarkali Suits voluminous by nature. Layered Anarkali Suit is a big hit this Diwali as multiple layers in different vibrant shades make it quite colorful and vivacious that’s perfect for Diwali.

Traditionally styled Anarkalis are undoubtedly classic and timeless. Pick a traditional Anarkali this Diwali featuring brocade or embroidered bodice to look your beautiful best. Anarkali Suits with patchwork brocade bodice look indeed the most beautiful of them all adding a dash of vibrancy.

Panelled Anarkali Suits are also quite in right now. Such an Anarkali Kameez does not include a distinct separate bodice and is made of long panels stitched together. Generally, such paneled Anarkali Suits feature embroidered design at the neckline to make them look attractive. The best part about paneled Anarkalis is that they make a woman look slim and tall so pick a paneled Anarkali Suit from Cbazaar’s Diwali Collection if you wish to look svelte.

The ombre trend never really goes out of fashion. Adopt this charming trend this Diwali and get yourself a mesmerizing ombre narkali Suit from Cbazaar’s Diwali Collection. Quite a few unique creations to choose from stand out from the rest in an ombre Anarkali Churidar and look your charming best!

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