Kurta looks Indian as well as Western

A Kurta is an Indian representation of culture which has changed and evolved differently over time. A Kurta earlier would be long, full-sleeved and practically like enveloping your entire body, like a long night gown. Today, Kurtas have reached heights of modernism, and yet many Kurta styles have kept to the Indian and traditional. A Kurta is basically a long top, which looks Indian or Western, depending on its print at times and most often, depending on how one decides to wear it!
Suggestions to make a Kurta look Indian as well as Western are listed as below:
u Wear a Kurta over jeans and make sure that the Kurta you buy has a bit of Indianized embroidery stitched on it. Team it up with Sandals that can match an Indian or Western attire. Do not wear a bindi with this look and do not accessorize with bangles. This is one look guaranteed to look Indo-Western. Both Indian and Western are the looks suggested by dressing as stated  above.
u Wear a plain Chickan Kurta with no prints in subtle colors over tights or a salwar and put on a bindi if you like and maybe two bangles in gold or silver colors, which will match with any colored Kurta or Salwar. This look will make the Indian girl shine with simplicity and style and is a guaranteed, comfortable Indian look.
u A Kurta worn over skinny jeans or tights that reach up until below your knees (also called capri) with a bracelet and sans-bindi, carrying a modern, large, handbag or an elegant clutch of a neutral color, will once again achieve the dual look of looking both Indian and Western. Also popularly called the Fusion look.
u A Kurta over pants and a pair of stilettos or pumps or wedged heels will look formal and fusion and this can be a look that one can decide to wear to an evening out or to a ceremony where one does not want to dress up and yet wants to be appropriately dressed for the occasion. This is a multi-faceted look and can even be worn to an interview for work (without stilettos, replacing stilettos with small heeled sandals/shoes)
These are different suggestion to guarantee a super-cool and yet a traditional flavored look by wearing a Kurta in different concoctions.
Kurtas have now been an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. The best part of dressing in a Kurta is the fact that they are extremely comfortable and can be worn for hours at a stretch. Be it college-going girls or middle aged women; Kurtas are popular across all age categories. Look at Kareena’s black Kurta — it is something that is so intricately designed. It is worn well and the fit too is fab!
Indian traditional block printed Kurtas which are available at a reasonable rate are worn by most urban women and can be seen on the busy shopping streets of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other places.
Kurtas are available in various materials.  Kurtas worn during the months of summer are usually made of thin silk or cotton fabrics while winter season Kurtas are made of fabrics like Khadi silk, jute and other thick fibers.
Chikan embroidered cotton Kurtas at the best option to beat the Indian summer. This type of embroidery is seen on light, semi-transparent fabric.  The subtle effect of this embroidery on the kurta makes it rich and appealing in all senses.
Now-a-days, a shorter version of Kurta is worn by most women- known as Kurti. Its length reaches the waist. These type of Kurtis along with Kurtas are worn with jeans making it the perfect blend of Indian and Western fashion. One can even paint a simple khadi kurti with designs, patterns and colors one wishes to be in. Special cuts in Kurtas are now being experimented with. While you can experiment with the length and the style, keep your body type in mind and accessorize it!

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