Kerala folk musician bats for bamboo promotion

By Arun Lakshman
Thiruvananathapuram, Jan 10 (IANS)
Jayachandran Kadampanad needs no introduction in Kerala – he is the state’s own ballad singer, travelling across the state and outside, performing folk music. He is now into conservation of nature and has found bamboo as a product which can be used for the conservation of nature.
“Folklife academy”, his organisation has already started promoting bamboo and bamboo products across the state.
Kadampanad, while speaking to IANS, said, “I had undertaken a trip across the state under the auspices of the state Haritha mission, singing folk music, promoting nature conservation and found that mother nature is being exploited totally.”
He recalled the trip he undertook from Kasargod, in the northern most part of the state, to state capital Thiruvananthapuram with his troupe in a state road transport corporation bus.
He said, “We found that unabated construction was taking place in the state and hillocks are being demolished and quarry mafia was ruling the roost”.
The journey helped him meet school children, college students and people from all walks of life and spread the message of conservation of environment.
Immediately after the journey, he approached the authorities and told them that the possibility of flood is looming large over the state. Flood struck the state in 2018, taking the lives of many and submerging many parts under water.
When asked if this was a premonition, Jayachandran said, “Never, nature was giving clear message. We have to open our eyes and ears to understand it. I knew that this was coming and had warned the authorities.”
Kadampanad with the help of a few of his friends and environmentalists is into promotion of bamboo. The noted ballad singer said, “Bamboo if cultivated across the state on river banks will help prevent soil erosion and this is a natural way to preserve environment.”
He has also developed and designed several products with bamboo including baskets, chairs, tables, musical instruments, decorations in five star hotels and many more.
He has already submitted a proposal to Thiruvananathapuram corporation for constructing bus waiting sheds with bamboo. He said, “These bus waiting sheds will be a centre for promotion of our culture and depict the ethinicity of our state.”
He also said that the cost of these bus waiting sheds will be one fourth of the present construction cost and will last for more than thirty years.
Kadampanad is also planning to submit a proposal to the state local body department to construct bamboo bus waiting sheds.
He said that he is trying his best to conduct the project with the support of the state government. He is also in touch with several NGOs, civil society organisations and like-minded individuals for evolving a bamboo culture in the state.
With a folk singer of repute entering into conservation of nature using bamboo, the state can expect a new development perspective.

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