KCR plans to extend investment support scheme for farmers across India

Hyderabad, Dec 12 (IANS) Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) President K. Chandrashekhar Rao on December 12 said the proposed Federal Front will extend across the country ‘Rythu Bandhu’, an investment support scheme for farmers currently being implemented in Telangana.
A day after announcing that a consortium of regional parties would soon take shape at the national level, Rao told reporters that he would like to replicate across the country what he has achieved in Telangana.
On the eve of taking oath as the Chief Minister for a second consecutive term, KCR said he had done the calculations about the funds required for implementation of ‘Rythu Bandhu’ across the country.
“It requires Rs.3.5 lakh crore. We will spend it,” said KCR, who has taken the initiative to build a non-BJP, non-Congress alternative.
Under ‘Rythu Bandhu’ launched in April, the Telangana government is providing financial assistance of Rs 4,000 to every farmer per acre per crop. Every year, a farmer gets Rs 8,000 per acre.
About 57 lakh farmers in the state have benefited from the scheme. The TRS has now promised to increase this assistance to Rs 5,000 per acre per crop.
The TRS chief said the proposed Front would place before nation an alternate economic model and a new agriculture model. He believes the proposed model would give freedom to the country from recurring droughts, end farmer suicides and transform agriculture through full utilization of 70,000 TMC of water.
He reiterated that his idea of alternative politics was not bringing some parties and leaders together.
“We will directly approach the people of this country with a roadmap, which will be released shortly,” he said, adding that he was taking ideas from farmers groups, NGOs and activists.
KCR also said that he will share his idea with parties and leaders. “Some may come, some may not come.”
The TRS leader alleged that both the Congress and BJP had failed the country due to political opportunism and cheap politics.
He said both the parties wanted to keep unlimited powers with them. “As far as centralization of powers is concerned, both the parties are one and the same.”
Stressing the need for devolution of powers to the states, he said the Centre should immediately transfer five subjects.
“There is no need to keep agriculture, rural development, urban development, health and education with them. What Delhi has to do with a primary school or a primary health center in a remote part of a state?” he asked.
Defending his support for demonetization, KCR said it was a good program but Prime Minister Narendra Modi stopped it midway. “The intention was good behind it but halfway it was stopped.”

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