Kashmiri YouTuber arrested for enacting beheading of Nupur Sharma

Srinagar, June 11 (IANS) Jammu and Kashmir police on Saturday arrested Kashmir-based YouTuber Faisal Wani, who had digitally enacted the act of beheading former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma.
“We have registered an FIR against the Youtuber under sections 505 and 506 IPC at Safa Kadal Police Station in the Srinagar, after his gory video went viral,” police said.
On Friday, when several Islamists, baying for the blood of the ex-BJP spokesperson ran riots across India, the accused posted a disturbing video on his Youtube channel named ‘Deep Pain Fitness’.
In the said video, Wani could be heard saying: “No action, Gustak-e-Rasool ki eki hi saza — Sarr Kalam (The punishment for blasphemy is beheading)”.
The Youtuber then proceeded to behead an image of Nupur Sharma with an axe. The gory video also showed Wani, holding the former BJP leader’s severed head and tossing it away with disgust.
Following outrage on social media, Wani claimed innocence in the hopes of averting legal action. On Saturday night, he claimed, “Yesterday, I had made a VFX video about Nupur Sharma which went viral all over India. And an innocent person such as me got implicated in the controversy.”
He made an emotional appeal to his audience by claiming that his source of livelihood had taken a hit in recent times.
Islamists have continued to hound and threaten the ex-BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma and her family since the time her video with a commentary on Prophet Mohammad was shared on social media.
In the last week of May 2022, during a news debate, Nupur Sharma asked what if she makes offensive remarks about Islam the way people were making offensive remarks about Shivling and Hinduism.
Since then, the intimidation campaign against the former BJP spokesperson has continued unabated, with domestic and foreign Islamists baying for her blood. Multiple death and beheading threats have come her way.
A number of FIRs have also been filed against her in different states of India. Despite her suspension from the BJP over her alleged ‘blasphemy’ and subsequent apology, Islamists have continued to target her with threats. There are multiple bounties on her head as well now ranging from Rs 20 lakh to one crore.

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