Karnataka tops India’s Energy Efficiency Index, UP & Maharashtra show big improvement

Karnataka tops India’s Energy Efficiency Index, UP & Maharashtra show big improvement. — IANS

New Delhi, March 2 (IANS) Karnataka has been listed as the country’s top-performing state in the latest State Energy Efficiency Index 2023 while Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra have demonstrated a marked improvement in their performance.

The State Energy Efficiency Index (SEEI), initiated by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), in association with Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE), evaluates the annual progress of energy efficiency implementation in the states. The latest index was released on Friday.

With an overall score of 86.5 out of 100, Karnataka is the top-performing state in SEEI 2023. With the only active ‘Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Policy’, the state has implemented significant measures in the buildings, industries, transport, municipal services, and agriculture sectors.

The second-highest performer, Andhra Pradesh, with a score of 83.25 out of 100, has adopted a multi-faceted approach to energy efficiency involving policy formulation, financial incentives, capacity-building, and collaborative initiatives across various sectors.

The SEEI 2023 shows that 15 states have improved their scores compared to SEEI 2021-22. Notably, four states — Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra and Haryana — have demonstrated significant progress, improving by over 10 points relative to SEEI 2021-22. The most improved states in this assessment are Maharashtra and Haryana, witnessing significant score increases of 18.5 and 17 points, respectively, resulting in an overall score of 72 each.

The SEEI identifies and addresses gaps concerning state-level energy efficiency policies, programmes, and investments. This assumes importance given that energy efficiency (EE) complements renewable energy in addressing climate change and achieving energy security.

In SEEI 2023, the states and UTs are categorised as ‘Front runner’ (>=60), ‘Achiever’ (50-59.75), ‘Contender’ (30-49.75), and ‘Aspirant’ (<30) based on their total scores.

The SEEI 2023 assesses the performance of 36 states and UTs using 65 qualitative, quantitative, and outcome-based indicators measures, distributed across seven (7) demand sectors: buildings, industry, municipal services, transport, agriculture, electricity distribution companies (DISCOMs), and cross-sector initiatives.

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