Karnataka horror: Husband beheads wife suspecting her fidelity, takes severed head to police station

Chikkamagaluru: A woman was beheaded by her own husband on September 7 at the Shivani railway station in Ajjampura taluk on the suspicion of her having illicit affair.
Accused Sathish saw his wife together with another person, and chopped off her head with a machete. He wrapped the head in a bag and rode his motorbike 20 km to reach Ajjampura police station where he surrendered before the police along with the severed head.
On seeing his wife together with another person, an angry Sathish threw the machete at the person. But the latter escaped and and fled the scene. The next target was his wife. He cut off her head and took it to the police station on his motorbike.
Accused Sathish had married Roopa nine years ago after falling in love with her. The couple has two children – one boy and a girl.
Sathish had been a driver in Bengaluru for some time. Later, he quit his job and returned to Shivani where he started a mutton stall.
According to locals, the couple had frequent bouts of quarrel over the wife’s illicit affair with a person of the same village. The matter was even dragged to the police station. However, village heads and police had patched things up through conciliation.
When he saw his wife with another person on Saturday afternoon, Sathish lost control and took the extreme step. “I have to take care of two children. She had borrowed Rs 3 lakh and handed it to her lover. I loved her immensely but she stabbed me in the back. Hand me any kind of punishment, but I will take revenge on the person after my release, be it at the cost of going to jail again,” he poured out before the police.

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