Karan Johar has a perfect message for those who indulge in gay shaming

Mumbai: Karan Johar’s sexuality has time and again been targeted by people. Social media is full of trolls who don’t even think before shaming a person and Karan has often found himself in the midst of such bulling on the internet.
We all know that Karan can take a joke. We have seen the filmmaker crack few on himself at the controversial “roast” and even on his chat show, ‘Koffee with Karan’. However, every man has a limit and seems like, this time, Karan’s patience has been tested for good.
The filmmaker hit back at trolls who body shame, gay shame and sl*t shame others, by writing a hard hitting message on his Twitter account.
“You don’t need to be arrested for gay shaming…body shaming…slut shaming….any shaming….because you are already living in a jail….,” wrote Karan, who is currently in New York to be a part of IIFA 2017.
He later tweeted this:
Dear expectation….did no one tell you that you are the separated twin of disappointment….you both must unite and destroy hurt….

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