Kangana Ranaut responds to voices in support of CISF constable who slapped her

The actress took to X on Saturday and shared a long note addressing those supporting the CISF personnel. /IANS

Mumbai, June 8 (IANS) Actress Kangana Ranaut has once again reacted to the slapgate incident where she was hit by a female CISF constable at the Chandigarh airport.

The actress took to X on Saturday and shared a long note addressing those supporting the CISF personnel.

“Every rapist, murderer, or thief always have a strong emotional, physical, psychological, or financial reason to commit a crime, no crime ever happens without a reason, yet they are convicted and sentenced to jail.

If you are aligned with the criminals strong emotional impulse to commit a crime violating all laws of the land,” she wrote.

Responding to expressions of support, including from music composer Vishal Dadlani, for the actions of CISF constable Kulvinder Kaur, Kangana wrote: “Remember, if you are ok with breaking into someone’s intimate zone, without their permission, touching their bodies, and assaulting them, then deep down, you are ok with rape or murder, also because that’s also just penetration or stab only what big deal, you must look deeper in to your psychological criminal tendencies.”

The actress further added: “I suggest please take up yoga and meditation, or else life will become a bitter and burdensome experience, don’t carry so much grudge, hate, and jealousy please, free yourself.”

Kangana also said that one must experience the emotions bubbling inside themselves but never get swayed away by them. She highlighted the importance of staying calm and finding an anchor within oneself.

The actress took to Instagram stories and wrote: “Our mind is like an ocean, emotions are like waves, we have hundreds of emotions every day, no matter how wonderful or pathetic they are, none of them persist, they are like bubbles. We must watch them unfold but never get swayed with them.”

“You will drown if every wave starts to carry us, hold yourself, don’t let jealousy, anger, or frustrations lead you. If life feels like a burdensome nightmare ask yourself are too many waves hitting you? Find your anchor, hold yourself,” she added.

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