Kangana Ranaut is binge watching Gujjuben films

Mumbai: To equip herself for the role of a Gujarati NRI struggling with the American cultural cosmopolitanism in Hansal Mehta’s Simran, Kangana Ranaut is on a Gujarati movie-watching spree.

Her director, Hansal Mehta has lined up 15 evergreen mainstream Gujarati films for the actress to view. These include Chello Divas, Amari Duniya Tumari Duniya, Mehendi Rang Lagyo, and Maa Baap Na Aashirwaad.

Informs Hansal, “We’re watching very successful commercial Gujarati films, so that Kangna gets a hang of the milieu and accent. We’ll also be catching Gujarati plays for which we’ll travel to Ahmedabad and Bangalore.”

Hansal wants Kangana to get the accent, body language and attitude of a Gujjuben in America. Simran, written by Apoorva Asrani, is said to be a light-hearted film.

Says the director, “After Aligarh, which was emotionally very exhausting, we wanted to do a carefree, fun film. We’re having a ball with this one. We have shot the film all over the US — in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco and Atlanta.”

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