Just because you’ve given up on fighting flab you don’t have to stop looking fashionable!

by Gauri Shah
Are you the kind that puts on pounds just by looking at food? Or are you even more unfortunate — you gain weight by smelling someone else’s food? What do you do when metabolism just isn’t on your side no matter how hard you workout or deprive those taste buds? Well first, you need to learn to get comfortable in your skin and then, make fast friends with fashion, pronto! Use styling tips to conceal those tyres and flab. A common fashion faux pas overweight people commit is covering themselves up from head to toe by which they think the fat is unseen, au contraire my friend!
No drab up!

Erratic work schedule, round-the-clock routine, post-pregnancy weight; whatever be the reason for those extra kilos you have put on that’s absolutely no excuse to become a bhenji and stocking up your wardrobe with salwar-kameez’s only! All of us have had our bad days of cellulite; just know how to work around it. First the basics, invest in a few well cut bottoms; formal pants, denims, drawstrings, skirts all low waist and preferably in darker colors (hides the fat for you).

Make sure all your trousers are boot cut, so no skinny fits for you. Button up shirts are ideal, or anything with a low neck so as to show off your cleavage (we Indian women are blessed in that aspect) and please don’t pick them up two sizes larger just so they are longer; doesn’t work. What you do is show off your best asset like if you’re blessed with great legs, keep those skirts short.

Play camouflage

Ponchos are something you must stock up on; they’re stylish yet loose enough not to take on your body shape so you can really get imaginative with these like wear a bright singlet inside the poncho, and hang it low revealing your shoulders. Kurtis are great for work and also for the evening, the movies or a meal. Take care to pair them up with slightly tighter fitting pants for a nice silhouette. Use sleeves to cover up broad shoulders and untoned arms, avoid sleeveless as it makes your fat bulge out from places. Cap sleeves are superb for the summer, but if you’re in an air-conditioned atmosphere the whole day, give 3/4th bell sleeves and even tapering full sleeves a try.

Belts play a vital role in hiding that paunch. Get a big, sassy high waist clinch to team up with those dresses and a smart leather one (with dangles if you can carry it off) for your denims since it catches ones eye and deters it from the weight you’re trying to hide. Scarves are very handy, make a scarf tie for a chic work look, or loop that scarf around your waits falling lightly on the butt or just tie your hair up with it to give your face a slimming effect.

Style diva
Ok, so you’re having a bad weight year but that’s no reason to stifle that glam diva inside you! Why waste time mourning the clothes you don’t fit into when you have all the accessories at your disposal to play with?! Bags, shoes, jewelry… who wants anything  else, right? Go designer with your bags and score a funky oversized one  and a tote too, huge attention-grabbing bags make you appear smaller in comparison.

Shoes have replaced diamonds as a girl’s best friend this millennium. Be it pumps, platforms, stilettos or wedges you must take to those heels as adding height to your frame gives the illusion of a thinner you. Go to any local trinket store  and pick up chunky neck pieces and large earrings, not only does it conspicuously change your look but it takes peoples’ prying eyes away from your fat areas. So stop fretting over your plus size closet, there are ways to look stylish even with those additional inches.

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