Juice it up

Fresh juices from fruit and vegetables offer many health benefits.

Drinking juice on a daily basis can strengthen the body and keep the skin, glands and organs well hydrated. Furthermore, juices are easy to digest and make great dietary supplements.

Pomegranate juiceĀ 
Pomegranate juice offers a number of Ā benefits. It is a good source of antioxidants and also lowers LDL cholesterol responsible for causing clogging of arteries. Studies show that it may also slow down the growth of prostate cancer and increase blood flow to the heart in people with certain coronary heart diseases.

Orange juiceĀ 
Oranges are your answer to painful kidney stones. Research says that a daily glass of orange juice can reduce the incidence of kidney stones better than other citrus-based drinks such as limbu pani.

Cranberry juiceĀ 
Often used as a home remedy for urinary tract infections, cranberry juice is also helpful for bladder and kidney problems. Rich in Vitamin C, cranberry juice offers a healthy dose of dietary fiber, antioxidants and phytochemical nutrients help to protect you against heart disease and cancer.

Aloe vera juiceĀ 
Aloe vera is known for its benefits to the skin. It acts as a anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agent, preventing illness as well as renewing energy and health.

Apple juice
Apple juice contains a host of essential nutrients and vitamins which may help protect the body from certain illnesses such as the common cold. The antioxidants contained help prevent the body from developing various types of cancer as well as heart disease. Research shows that apple juice may help improve brain function.

Grape juiceĀ 
Grapes help with fatigue by replenishing your bodyā€™s iron supply. Stick to green grape juice for the best iron boost. Grape juice will not only give you more energy, but also help ease tired muscles.

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