Joshimath crisis: Badrinath National Highway develops cracks

Joshimath, Jan 21 (IANS) Cracks of one to two metre long have devloped on the Badrinath National Highway in Joshimath, which is the only road that leads to Badrinath, a place of faith for millions of Hindus.
Disaster Management Secretary Ranjit Sinha said that the administration has been keeping a close watch on the land subsidence of the highway.
Sinha stated that the concerned agencies have been instructed to repair the road. He said it would be completely repaired before the Char Dham yatra.
Repairing the road before the yatra would pose as a big challenge for the government.
Significantly, the number of structures that have developed cracks in the holy city has increased to 863.
In view of the cracks, along with the obstruction of the road to Badrinath Dham, the contact of the Indian Army with the China border may also be cut off.
Geologist Prof M.P.S. Bisht, after visiting the area, said that the pattern of the cracks is parallel.
Apart from this, sinking of the huge stones on the side of the road is also becoming a casue of concern for the government.

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