Jet Airways on a steady fall, operations down to just 32 flights

Mumbai: Crumbling Jet Airways has massively reduced its operations from its main hub Mumbai to just about 32 flights on April 9, said an airline source. Amid acute financial crunch, which has also forced it to delay salaries to employees and payments to banks, aircraft lessors and vendors, Jet is struggling to remain afloat.
“Jet on April 10 operated only 22 planes, bringing down daily operations to 32 flights from Mumbai, the main hub. This
included 16 arrivals and departures each,” the source said, adding the airline didn’t operate the remaining four aircraft. According to him, of the 22 planes it operated, 16 were on the domestic routes and the rest were deployed in the international routes. Jet Airways could not be reached for comment. Civil aviation secretary Pradeep Singh Kharola said had on April 4 said that Jet Airways was flying only 26 aircraft”.

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