JD-U leaders release photos of BJP leaders eating meat, wearing skullcaps

Patna May 17 (IANS) Bihar’s ruling JD-U on Wednesday slammed BJP leaders like Union Minister Giriraj Singh, Bihar unit chief Samrat Chaudhary and Leader of Opposition Vijay Kumar Sinha, terming them “big hypocrites” who claim to be followers of Sanatan Dharma.
The JD-U leaders claimed that BJP leaders including Giriraj Singh used to eat meat even as they claim to be hardcore followers of Sanatan Dharma and ‘Hindu Hriday Samrat’.
Sharing a photograph of Giriraj Singh eating food, JD-U MLC and chief spokesman Neeraj Kumar said: “Look at the photograph of Giriraj Singh, who was not eating vegetables like potato, onions, bhindi, or parval. It is visible on his plate. It was meat.”
“I am disclosing with complete responsibility that he was eating meat on February 23, 2021 and it was Sunday. As he claimed to be a follower of Sanatan Dharma, I am telling you, as per the Hindu calendar, that he had eaten meat on Magh month, SuklaPaksha and the date was 9. They are fake followers of Sanatan Dharma and it is proved in the photograph,” he said.
“I am releasing another photograph in which Sushil Modi, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Arun Sinha are wearing skullcaps and greeting Shahnawaz Hussain. They are leaders of BJP. If Giriraj Singh is a true Sanatan Dharma follower, ask Narendra Modi and throw Sushil Modi, Ravishankar Prasad and Arun Sinha out of the party within 24 hours. You should demand from the top leadership of the party to sack them. If you do not do that, we assume that you are spreading fake Sanatan Dharma in the society,” Neeraj Kumar said.
The statement of Neeraj Kumar came after Giriraj Singh, Chaudhary, and Sinha questioned the mutton-rice party of JD-U national President Lalan Singh in Munger last week.
While Chaudhary said that Lalan Singh had served mutton-rice along with liquor in the party and Sinha went a step further to allege that dogs disappeared from the streets of Munger after Lalan Singh’s party, insinuating that Lalan Singh had served the meat of dogs.
JD-U spokesperson Abhishek Jha said: “BJP state president Chaudhary and Sinha had given examples of their mental bankruptcy through wild allegations levelled against Lalan Singh. We have asked Chaudhary to prove that liquor was served in Lalan Singh’s party or apologise for humiliating the people of Munger or our party’s district president will file a case against him.
“Sinha also gave a statement on Tuesday. He is the Leader of Opposition and also was the Speaker of Bihar Vidhan Sabha. It is extremely unfortunate that he is levelling such a wild allegation against LalanBabu. Vijay Sinha is jealous about Lalan Singh as the latter had organised a massive lunch party and a large number of people are connecting with him in Munger.”
“I firmly believe that when BJP organises such a lunch party, they serve food like Vijay Sinha was describing. We have issued videos of Lalan Singh’s party and also releasing how BJP leaders are eating meat. BJP leaders are looking like they love liquor. Hence, they are against the liquor ban,” Jha said.
Meanwhile BJP OBC wing’s national General Secretary Nikhil Anand claimed that liquor was being served in the mutton-rice party of Lalan Singh and JD-U leaders are defending it.
“There is a big discussion in Munger that liquor was served at a mutton-rice party. Under the protection of the government, evidence was destroyed and they hid facts. If the alcohol test would have been done before 48 hours after that party, truth may come out there but it was not the case due to local police inaction,” Anand alleged.

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