Jaipur-based entity wins World Craft Council Award

Jaipur, Oct 19 (IANS) Jaipur-based AnanTaya Decor, which offers contemporary handcrafted home furnishings made by artisans, has won the World Craft Council Award of Excellence 2022.
The award focuses on the excellence of handicrafts and aims to encourage artisans to produce handicrafts that use traditional skills, patterns and themes following innovation, to ensure the continuity and sustainability of these traditions.
“The year 2022 marks the 15th year of AnanTaya & winning WCC Award, the seal of excellence & Craft Brand of the Year Award is an honour for all our artisans,” said Geetanjali Kasliwal, founder of AnanTaya.
AnanTaya along with AKFD have also been presented with the prestigious Craft Brand of the Year (Product) title by ICA (International Craft Council 2022).
“Every time we win an award, we serve craftsmen with appreciation & hope,” said Ayush Kasliwal, Founder at AKFD.

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