Jain devotees took oath to continue the movement for the sanctity and safety of Shikharji, Girnarji and Shatrunjay Envoy

Mumbai/Delhi, 4 Jan (IANS): Lakhs of devotees gathered with Jain Acharyas at Azad Maidan in Mumbai for the sanctity and safety of their pilgrimages. Lakhs of devotees of the non-violent and peace-loving Jain community took an oath to continue the agitation for the sanctity and safety of Shikharji, Girnarji and Shatrunjay. Earlier, a large number of women and children along with the masses participated in the rally on the streets of Mumbai. The youth had taken care of the arrangements for the crowd. Such a view of Jain unity was seen for the first time. Digambar Shvetambars were all together. World famous Peace Ambassador Acharya Lokeshji was specially invited from Delhi. Acharyashri takes the message of Jainism to the world through the United Nations including the global forums. He also has good bond in various governments..
Acharya Lokeshji from Azad Maidan gave an ultimatum to the government for the sanctity and integrity of Jain pilgrimages and said that any attempt to break the sanctity and integrity of the pilgrimages will not be tolerated. He said that it is also good for the government to accept the legitimate demands of the non-violent and peace-loving Jain community, which is always ahead in giving revenue and public welfare works as well. Acharya Lokesh strongly appealed to the government for declaring Sammedshikharji, Girnarji and Shatrunjayji as holy pilgrimage areas and to make proper arrangements for their protection.
Acharya Nayapadmasagarji said that the government should declare Palitana, Sammedshikharji as a holy pilgrimage area as soon as possible and ban the sale of meat and liquor in the area of 10 kilometers.
Acharya Praman Sagarji and Mataji said that Sammed Shikharji is an eternal pilgrimage, if sanctity of this holy place is violated, we ourselves will give up food and water.
On this occasion, Speaker of Maharashtra Vidhansabha Rahul Narvekar said that Maharashtra government will convey the sentiments of Jain community to the central government and the concerned state government.
Sanjay Jain, sitting on fast unto death on this issue, said that on the request of the government, we have given 15 days time, our movement will continue till the demands are fulfilled. In the program organized by Sakal Jain Samaj Sangathan, Rakesh Mehta, President of Bharat Jain Mahamandal, Abhay Shrishrimal, President of JITO and President of Jain Digambar Samaj also presented their views. Poet Anamika Jain Ambar, Singer Vicky Mehta presented poetry and songs on the occasion.

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