It’s all in the jeans

Style is all about fashion and comfort. The definition of fashion has been changing over the years and now it’s all about ‘loose and comfortable’. The comfort chic is unapologetically fashionable.
The fetching new fad is the ‘Boyfriend jeans’, described as a pair of jeans that are supposed to look and feel like the jeans that a women might borrow (or steal) from her boyfriend! Despite the name, the boyfriend jeans are not for a boyfriend but women and one definitely doesn’t need to borrow or steal to achieve the ultimate casual look.
The wide range of these jeans have been designed keeping in mind their definition and different styles. They are supposed to look loose and have a fairly relaxed fit completely opposite to the body hugging skinny jeans.
These jeans are a part of the ‘Boyfriend fashion’, which is loose and unisex in appearance and designed to complement a woman’s body. With so many varieties and styles available in the market it’s difficult to choose the right kind of pair suiting one’s body type. The denim-gods suggest a slimmer cut that are meant to look slightly oversized and not like you’re wearing an XXL-size jeans. Darker and medium shades are equally in demand like the lighter ones.
Choosing the right length is also essential. The jeans need to hit the right spot which is ideally three inches above the ankle after you roll them. Ripped, un-ripped or distressed, it is yours to decide on.
These jeans can look both formal and casual depending on the color, cut, wash and pieces you style them up with. To achieve the edgy look, style them with cute crop tops, accessories and sneakers.
“I love how casual and chic these jeans look on all body types. Apart from that, I love mixing feminine pieces with my boyfriend jeans,” Archita Bisht, a fashion enthusiast tells Metrolife.
Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha are some of the Bollywood celebrities who have been appreciated by the fashion police to pull off an exciting look along with a pair of boyfriend jeans.
The rising trend has made the teens to devise their own DIY boyfriend jeans at home by watching various tutorials and celebrity styles. Be it the various online fashion portals like Koovs, Myntra and Jabong, along with stores like Forever 21, Zara, Mango or flea markets in the city — you can find your perfect pair anywhere and everywhere.
Manvi Soni, a 16-year-old says, “I turned my old pair of loose jeans into a pair of ‘Boyfriend jeans’ by watching various DIY tutorials and it turned out to be pretty satisfactory.” She adds, “I love pairing them with my graphic and plain tees.”
Clothes that make you feel good and look good are now the hot-sellers. Forget your old boring pair of denims and go experiment with the new effortless ‘Boyfriend jeans’ and just wait to hear people compliment your fashion style.

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