Itanagar farmers say new farm laws beneficial

Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh), December 7 (ANI): Just ahead of the Bharat Bandh, many farmers in Itanagar came out in support of the new farm laws on Monday.
A member of Kisan Morcha organisation from West Siang district said, “These acts are good. I don’t think there is any disadvantage. Rather, we have several advantages. It will be good for the future. There is no legal implication in it.” “The relationship between the buyer and seller will improve,” he added.
Another farmer who came out in support of farm laws said, “I am a young progressive farmer. I believe that these acts are beneficial for the farmer community. The prices for our crops will be fixed even before we sow it. Hence, there will be no loss. On the other hand, if you observe, earlier, the prices of our crops were decided only after they were reaped.”
“These farmer protests are motivated by Congress party operating from Punjab. Leaders are scaring the farmers by saying that big corporations will loot them,” he added.
A lady who came out in support of the acts said, “These farmer protests are useless. They are diverting attention from the advantages of the bill.”
Another old man added, “We can directly sell our agri products to the wholesale markets without any middlemen. I do Horticulture farming. The protestors in Delhi are not connected with the farmers. I oppose these protests.”
On December 7, Opposition parties except for Trinamool Congress (TMC) have lent their support to Bharat Bandh on December 8 called by farmers’ unions in protest against the new farm laws introduced by the central government.(ANI)

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