ISI instructs terror outfits in J&K to use Communist names to avoid detection

New Delhi, Feb 18 (IANS)
In a bid to avoid detection by the Indian security forces, the Pakistan’s intel wing Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has instructed the terror outfits active in Jammu and Kashmir to rename their organisations with Communist names such as ‘The Resistance Front’ or something similar, sources in the security grid said.
The sources also said that ISI has specifically asked these ultras to publicise themselves as Communist organisations among the cadres.
The sources further said that ISI is worried that after any terror incidents in Jammu and Kashmir, India always holds Pakistan responsible with substantial proofs, indicating its clear hands behind the incidents. As a result, now a majority of the nations, barring China, believe that Pakistan has been supporting terrorism from its soil.
The ISI has also instructed the ultras not to raise any religious slogans during encounters with the security forces, which also points finger at Pakistan’s involvement.
“The names of terrorist organisations operating in Kashmir are associated with jihad, or their names make it clear that they are Islamic terrorists. Now they are using names like ‘United Liberation Front’ or ‘People’s Anti-Fascist Front’ or similar ones, which are used by the ultra-Left wing groups, those who are opposed to the law of the land,” the sources said.
They also said that these ultra groups have been asked to open new social media accounts with Communist or Leftist names, and avoid using religious slogans to avoid detection.
Security officials deployed in J&K said that with this new strategy, Pakistan wants to kill two birds with one stone — firstly, now it will be convincing nations like the US, the UK, Germany, France and many others that it is not responsible for the terror acts in J&K; and secondly, to avoid the ‘black list’ of international watchdog Financial Action Task Force (FATF).
Such perceptions and substantial facts have established many times that Pakistan has been nourishing and supporting terrorism, and that’s why it has been in the ‘Grey List’ of FATF since June 2018.
Pakistan is likely to be categorised in the ‘black list’ of FATF on February 22 this year in Paris.
Ahead of the FATF plenary and working group meetings, experts feel that Pakistan will slip into the ‘black list’ of the global anti-terror financing and anti-money laundering watchdog because of non-compliance.

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