Is this the new Messiah?


London: British economist of Indian origin has been left perplexed after being hailed by a cult as its “chosen one” who it believes was hiding in the Himalayas for 2,000 years.
“I’m not the messiah… I’m just an economics expert,” an exasperated Raj Patel has been saying after being bombarded with email messages from followers of cult Share International across the world.
The cult, founded by Scotsman Creme in the 1950s, believes that the 18-million-year-old Maitreya – the “chosen one” – combines elements of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam and has been living for the past 2,000 years in the Himalayas.
It all began when Patel, 37, gave a television interview in the US in January to discuss his book, “The Value of Nothing”, on the global financial crisis.
Thereafter, Share International founder Benjamin Creme stated that the cult’s “chosen one” or Maitreya had finally arrived, The Sun reported on March 25.
According to the cult, Patel shares many of the characteristics of Maitreya.
He rejected his so-called holy credentials. Yet two members of the cult flew 2,400 miles to meet him at a book signing in his current US hometown, San Francisco.
Raj said: “It frustrates me it might disappoint those looking for Maitreya that, in fact, I’m just an ordinary bloke.”

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