Is this for real? Mumbai-based company offers ‘first day of period’ leave to female employees

Mumbai: When most of the working women professionals are used to hearing things like ” Oh is she PMSing, why is she so cranky….Oh! it must be ‘that’ time of the month….Don’t mess with her, she is going through monthly cycle.” and all kind of such nonsense.
The pain a female goes through each month during her period cannot be expressed in mere words. One cannot understand pain; a woman has to suffer during her menstruation. Well, we all have come across words like cramps, nausea, headaches, never ending the pain and much more to add on. A female goes through each and every torture during her ‘those days’ and the first day of the periods is the toughest pain she experiences.
The death-like pain a female suffers still she continues her daily routine. Starting from boarding a local train, getting into a crowded bus, going to office, completing daily task, trying to make herself comfortable in the office chairs, running to the washroom every now and then, checking for stains, stuffing jeans pockets with pads when no one sees and last but not the least sipping coffees and sugar crushing.
Those females who work during their periods and cannot enjoy the luxury of sitting at home while sipping coffee, girls here’s an inspirational initiative. Here comes a Mumbai based firm which is happy to make life easier for their female employees by introducing ‘first day of period’ leave policy.
Now who imagined that to turn into a reality one day! A Mumbai based media company Culture Machine has introduced a ‘first day of period’ leave for its 75 female employees and it becomes effective from the month of July. Not just that the company has floated a petition to the Ministry of Human Resource Development and Ministry of Women and Child Development to apply this policy across India. But for now it’s only ladies who work at the Culture Machine have got lucky and don’t need silly excuses to rest at home or skip work while dealing with painful cramps.
The Maternity leave bill was passed by the Parliament in March this year, which granted 26 weeks of paid leave instead of just 12 weeks. And now with a firm offering ‘first day of period leave’, just shows that India is ready to embrace more working women in the working culture.

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