Is homeopathy key to fight COVID-19?

New Delhi, May 21 (IANS) Homeopathy might be effective in the long drawn battle against COVID-19. Homeopath and principal of Naimi Nath Homeopathy College and Hospital, Dr Pradeep Gupta, on Thursday said his experiments to treat COVID-19 patients with homeopathic medicines had yielded successful results.
He has now written to all concerned to allow treatment of patients in hospitals by homeopathy to save the country from the current health crisis.
Gupta said, “After obtaining permission from the ICMR, we admitted 44 COVID-19 patients from the FH Medical College for treatment at our hospital on May 5. We formed two groups of 22 patients each. The first group was given homeopathic medicines, became symptom-free in three days and within seven days they were completely fit as vindicated by their two test reports. The other group is also under treatment and showing signs of fast recovery.”
India has more than five lakh homeopaths who can provide this treatment. Gupta said, “I have offered to treat patients at my own cost anywhere in India and have communicated with all. The medicines are already known. In the containment zones, the medicines can be distributed free of cost. A lot of pressure would be reduced. When you do not have a choice and are far from developing medicines and vaccines, what is the harm in trying out homeopathy?”
Another homeopath Dr Siddharth Mishra has been offering a preventive package which he claims has helped many people. The local specialists say homeopathy is both affordable and effective. They want the government to give it a chance to treat COVID-19 patients.

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