Irrfan beyond spotlight: Lesser-known gems of the actor

New Delhi, April 29 (IANS) On the first death anniversary of Irrfan Khan, we take a look at some of his comparatively less celebrated performances, across a gamut of genres that the actor habitually excelled in.
Based on true incidents, the four-part Japanese mini-series released in 2016. Irrfan played an Indian jurist, Radhabinod Pal. He was one of three Asian judges appointed to the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. The historical drama series focuses on a decade-long investigation into events in the Pacific during and after World War II. The show was nominated at the 2017 International Emmys in the Best TV Movie/Mini-Series category.
The 2008 American drama television series for HBO has Irrfan playing a widower, Sunil, from Kolkata, who shifts to the US with his son’s family. Irrfan’s character had an important role to play in season three of the show that won at the Golden Globes and the Emmys.
Also known as “Miraculous Coat”, this 1993 children’s film was directed by Ajay Karthik. Irrfan played of Jaggu in the film, about a boy named Raghu who gets a magical coat from a stranger.
The 1999 film cast Irrfan as a football coach who spots a talented young boy and encourages him to shine in the sport. The Gul Bahar Singh directorial has won several Indian and international awards.
The 2002 Hindi film is based on Sadat Haasan Manto’s work and features Irrfan with Sadiya Siddiqui. Directed by Fareeda Mehta, the story follows the life of a small-town prostitute who arrives in Mumbai. Irrfan plays Shankar, charming and witty character.
This was a 2003 silent short film united Irrfan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. In the 17-minute film, two violent muggers (Siddiqui and Sundar Dan Detha) rob and kill innocent travelers on a secluded highway in Rajasthan, till they face a corrupt and equally cruel cop, played by Irrfan. The film was screened at Edinburgh International Film Festival and Aubagne Film Festival.
The 2008 film starring Irrfan and Koel Puri is considered a hidden gem in the actor’s filmography. It was directed by Ashvin Kumar and narrates the story of a man and a woman, who hail from diametrically different worlds, who are stuck in a remote place with each other.

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