Interpol turns down Indian agencies’ request for notice against Khalistani leader

New Delhi, Oct 12 (IANS) The Interpol has rejected the request of the Indian agencies regarding issuance of a Red Corner Notice against Khalistani leader — the Canada-based founder of Sikh for Justice (SFJ) Gurpatwant Singh Pannu.
The Interpol had put the request of issuing Red Corner Notice on hold for six months before cancelling it.
Pannu has been named as an accused in terror and riot cases by a number of agencies in India. He has been accused of provoking Khalistani movements in India.
It was the second time when the request of the Indian agencies have been turned down.
Around six to seven months ago, the request of issuing a red corner notice was put on hold by the Interpol.
Indian agencies maintained that Pannu had tried to create unrest in India and was accused of Unlawful Activities.
However, the Interpol was not convinced by this and after putting on hold the request of agencies, they have finally cancelled it. Interpol has demanded more proof against Pannu.
Pannu has been continuously sending video message through social media regarding Khalistani movements.
During farmers’ agitation, he had provoked the farmers to attack the Red Fort and had also released a video in this respect.
Pannu has threatened the government on a number of occasions and had indicated in the videos that they could attack the Prime Minister.
He founded the SFJ in 2007 with an intention to give relief to the 1984 victims.
However, he has been using this against India and to create Khalistan. He said that he would break India into several parts and one of them would be Khalistan.
The agencies have learnt that he has no concern with the common Sikhs.
He has allegedly been working at the behest of “agents of enemy states”.
The MHA had in 2019 declared SFJ as “unlawful association” under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967
In most of the videos, Pannu could be heard talking about referendum regarding Khalistan.

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