Innovate to win


Four youngsters decided they needed to improvise. So they took on a suitcase and umbrella and a clothesline! Read on to find out more about these everyday objects…

What do suitcases, a chair, a clothesline and an umbrella have in common? Nothing much really except that four children chose a different path to improvise on the existing model to make it their invention. The National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad, provides the perfect platform every year for students to submit their inventions which are then up for competition. The winners are awarded a medal, their inventions are patented and then the students themselves can approach manufacturers to sell their ideas. The four winners featured here are Yatharth Saxena, Nisha Chaube, Ojasvi Goel and Piyush Agrawal. Their inventions are in the process of getting patented.

Triangular wheels
Yatharth Saxena, VI, Campus School, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand
While I was holidaying in Ooty, Mysore and Bangalore I realized that it was really difficult to lift suitcases and take them up. I imagined suitcases that could be wheeled up. And that’s when the idea struck me. After working on more than six different models I realized that the triangular wheels are the best option.

The concept: A trolley suitcase that can be wheeled up anywhere. Two sets of three triangular wheels on each side of the axis will do the trick. The axis provided by this will prop up the suitcase onto the next step. As the two bottom wheels stop the suitcase the third one will rotate 360° and thus prop the suitcase upwards.

Future plans: The patent has been filed and Yatharth will soon be approaching some suitcase manufacturers.

Suitcase chair
Nisha Chaube, XI, Ryan International School, Noida
I saw Shah Rukh Khan sitting on the floor next to his suitcase and even though it was just an ad I did not like my idol sitting on the floor. And that’s when the idea struck me and I knew what I wanted.

The concept: A hybrid traveling suitcase with a portable foldable chair. All you need to do is unfold it and you have your own chair to sit on! Being light weight it’s hardly heavier than your travel bag. For the prototype I made it with steel but one can use plastic or aluminum or any other lighter material to build the foldable chair.

Future concept: Looking for manufacturers, who will be interested in this concept.

Water bottle umbrella
Ojasvi Goel, VIII, Vasanth Valley
School, Delhi
I always wanted to use the water that was getting wasted. When it rains there is water everywhere. But what does one do when he or she is thirsty? We carry an umbrella and I often wondered what I could do with it. That’s when the idea struck me. Stay protected and have water to drink.

The concept: An umbrella, which I worked on, could double up as a water storer. Costing only about Rs. 20 more, it is also viable. Water hits the umbrella when it rains and that goes down through a pipe and gets collected in a bottle. This water is 100 percent pure being the first shower.
Future plans: while the patenting is under process, Ojasvi does not believe in waiting. His head is bursting with ideas and he is planning on making an automatic drink stirrer.

Clothesline with sensor and motor
Piyush Agrawal, XII, DAV Public
School, Hazaribagh
It happened during the time when my mom was very ill. During the monsoons it was tough for her to keeping taking the clothes on and off the clothesline because of the rain. That’s when this idea struck me and I decided to free her of this additional work.

The concept: A clothesline that works on the principle using a sensor and a motor. The sensor senses the moisture in the air and when it is about to rain it triggers an alarm to the motor which then starts puling it into the shade. And depending on the length of the clothesline the timer can be adjusted for the motor to stop.

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