Indonesia offers reward for plucking tyre off giant crocodile

New Delhi, Jan 31 (IANS) A photo of a saltwater crocodile with a motorcycle tyre stuck around its neck in Indonesia is doing rounds on the internet. The photo has grabbed the attention of Tweeple.
The 13-feet long crocodile has been carrying the tire around its neck since 2016, according to a leading media outlet.
According to the report, there have been previous attempts to remove the tyre, but all were unsuccessful.
Central Sulawesi Natural Resources Conservation Agency has announced reward to anyone who can rescue the crocodile with a motorcycle tyre stuck around the neck.
Once the news came out in the open, social media has been abuzz with reactions. Some were complaining for the efforts made to rescue the crocodile while others were worried about its situation.
A user wrote: “Is tranquilizer no longer available? If they can put the croc to sleep then it’s no problem.”
Another wrote: “Trump could do it… bare handed.”
“Does the reward come with Life Insurance?” asked one user.
A Twitter user remarked, “His tongue’s situation says thanks for ppl throwing their rubbish into my home.”

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