Indian students in Ukraine run out of food and essentials

New Delhi, March 3 (IANS)
Students stuck in war-torn Ukraine have almost “run out” of food and essentials.
An Indian medical student, Faisal, sent a video to IANS narrating his ordeal in the north-eastern city of Sumy in Ukraine.
In the video, he said that around 500 Indian students are stuck in Sumy, which is 350 km from Kiev.
“We ran out of rice and flour. I went to buy flour, salt, potatoes and other basic items but all the department stores here are empty,” he said. The local authorities have imposed a curfew in the area and the students here are in touch with the Indian Embassy.
Faisal, who is from Bihar’s Motihari, said that the students are forced to drink soda water and tap water as there is scarcity of potable water, due to which “they could contract typhoid”.
Another student from Sumy, Manas said that students are scared amidst the constant sound of gunfire.
“We are students of Sumy University. All the students are stuck in the war zone. We call the Indian embassy daily and get the same reply – ‘to wait’. Other students who were in the western part (of Ukraine) have left for India, only we, the students of Sumy, are left. I urge the Indian government to evacuate us,” he said.
The students are presently residing in Sumy University’s building.
Manas said that the embassy has warned them not to go out as a student was killed in the firing. “Everyday we hear the siren three to four times and we all rush to the shelters.”
“There is no source of water and food. Other students have reached India and students in Sumy have been left, this triggers more panic among us,” he asserted.

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