Indian Railways runs more 1200 Oxygen Express trains carrying over 775 tankers

New Delhi, May 20 (INN): Touching the milestone of running 200 Oxygen Expresses, Indian Railways has delivered nearly 12,630 MT of Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) in more than 775 tankers to various states across the country.
On Thursday afternoon, another 10 loaded Oxygen Expresses were in the way to their destinations, with more than 784 MT of LMO in 45 tankers.
According to the Ministry of Railways, Oxygen Expresses have been delivering more than 800 MT of LMO to various states each day now.
Providing details, the ministry said oxygen relief by Oxygen Expresses had reached 13 states – Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Telangana, Punjab, Kerala, Delhi & Uttar Pradesh.
So far, 521 MT of Oxygen has been offloaded in Maharashtra, nearly 3,189 MT in UP, 521 MT in MP, 1,549 MT in Haryana, 772 MT in Telangana, 98 MT in Rajasthan, 641 MT in Karnataka, 320 MT in Uttarakhand, 584 MT in Tamil Nadu, 292 MT in Andhra Pradesh, 111 MT in Punjab, 118 MT in Kerala and more than 3,915 MT in Delhi.
Indian Railways picks up oxygen from generation plants in places like Hapa & Mundra in the West and Rourkela, Durgapur, Tatanagar, Angul in the East. It then ensures that this Oxygen relief reaches in the fastest time possible.
The average speed of these critical freight trains transporting Oxygen is above 55 kmph in most cases over long distances and they run on the high priority Green Corridor. Technical Stoppages have been reduced to 1 minute for crew changes.

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