Indian-origin man offers world’s most expensive carwash

London: An Indian origin man has started offering the world’s most expensive car-wash service in Britain at £7,200.

Thirty-year-old car enthusiast Gurcharn Sahota takes up to 250 hours to systematically clean each vehicle with 100 cleaning fluids and wax and he ends up polishing the car inside and out five times.

He uses a computerized microscope to take a close look the bodywork for the minutest scratch that is not visible to the eye, Daily Telegraph reported on July 20.

“People come to me and they want the best treatment going for their car. If you’ve got a £500,000 car then my wash and cleaning are worth it. Sometimes I’ll work through the night to get a car looking absolutely pristine. They’re world class motors that deserve a world class wash,” Sahota was quoted as saying.

Sahota lives with his parents — Gurbinder, 55, and Amarjit, 53 — in Derbyshire and he has converted the double garage into a workshop, complete with a Formula 1-style pit for scrubbing the underneath of cars.

“I treat every car like an individual project; I want them to leave my workshop looking better than they have ever done. I have my processes which I go through and I am meticulous about each one.

“I just want perfection. Finishing is the best part because you know what it was like when you started. That gives me great satisfaction.”

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