Indian hailed for being youngest scuba diver

Mumbai: A delegation from Liberia had visited Mumbai-based 10-year-old Parth Sanghvi to congratulate him on becoming the world’s youngest scuba diver.

“The delegation, which included son of the President of Liberia, Robert A. Sirleaf, spent considerable time with Parth at our home in Mumbai last week,” Mehul Shanghvi, Parth’s father said.

Mehul said the delegation visited Parth after reading a story about his achievement in a newspaper. He became the world’s youngest scuba diver after he dived 40 feet underwater near Grande Island in Goa last month, breaking the earlier world record — held by Egypt’s Natasha Turner.

The other members of the delegation included Senior Advisor to President’s Special Envoy of the Liberian Republic and Deputy Minister of External Affairs Sylvester M. Grigsby.

Grigsby had encouraging words for Parth and wished he would go on to become the best deep sea scuba diver in the world.

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