Indian fashion's West side story

Now that recession is finally out of the way, Indian fashion designers are looking at Western markets to expand their line.
Speaking about his expansion plans in the US post the meltdown, designer J.J. Valaya says: “I have already opened a store in San Francisco and I am vying to get an area at the posh Madisson Avenue. The meltdown has stabilized and for luxury, the demand is on the rise. People, who had cut their purse strings during recession, are spending more now. India is in demand and the flow of money in the once cash-strapped markets has improved.”
Designer Nandita Mahtani adds: “During the downturn, designers were keeping in mind the cost as no one wanted to spend extra money. However, now business is becoming better in most markets. Looking at this, many would definitely want to invest more.”

Designer  Ritu Beri, who has been running business ventures in the West for quite some time, says: “Internationally people are looking to buy luxury products which include ensembles from India. But I have a feeling that it will still take some more time to reach the boom we had during the mid 2000s.”

International buyers are also upbeat. Craig King, a buyer from Australia, says: “India is in huge demand and now that recession has gone down, it is great news for the luxury segment from India. Most people, who have a taste of luxury, want a piece of India now.”
Khaled Mekkawi, a buyer from the Middle East, adds: “Indian clothes are traveling at a faster rate now. Even designers are participating in many fashion weeks.”

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