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We got dermatologist Dr. Parul Kolhe to weigh in on the flawless skin flaunted by several glamorous Indian women and also to provide quick celeb fixes to skin problems. Who do you think has the best complexion? Take our poll and let us know!

If you’re pursuing a career in the glamour industry, it’s only natural that you try to look your best at all times — toned body, well-coiffed hair, groomed nails, trendy clothing and the works. Skincare, especially, is something that our stars take very seriously, given that they subject themselves to wearing makeup a lot of the time when on the job.

Here, we bring you some of the Indian ladies with the best complexions, as well as a few quick fixes they use to solve common skin problems.

Kareena Kapoor
All those hours of yoga and hundreds of Surya Namaskars have put a divine glow on this size zero star’s face.
A sensible diet planned with foods that provide correct skin and hair nutrients has ensured that despite drastic weight loss, there has been no loss of skin vitality. A lesson for all our crash dieters out there who starve their skin into premature ageing!

Deepika Padukone
There’s a reason why Deepika was chosen as brand ambassador for a leading sunscreen brand and it’s not just her star value — it’s the flawless quality of her skin.
Sun-sensitive skin often reacts to being outdoors and turns patchy in color, but Deepika can boast of an enviable evenness of complexion.
Lesson to be learned — stay regular with your sunscreen!
You really have to wonder whether she looks terrific even when she gets out of bed, because at any other given time she’s always perfectly turned out!

Malaika Arora Khan
Malaika’s skin is excellent and to her immense credit, she’s not allowed a pregnancy to affect her face, like most Indian women unfortunately do. Not a speck of post pregnancy pigmentation (melasma) or skin sagging. Close-up shots of that flat abdomen do show a few cleverly concealed stretch marks, though!
Miss World 1994 and her timeless charm have stood the test of time well.
Through all the thousands of ad campaigns, posing for global giants of the cosmetic industry, all her movies, promos and glossy spreads in every conceivable magazine, she’s never had a bad skin day!

Sushmita Sen
Another beauty queen and Bollywood diva, Sushmita just seems to get better with age like a fine wine.
Her weight fluctuations aside, is it all the fish in this Bong beauty’s diet that provides all those w-3 essential fatty acids so essential for the glow factor? She lights up a room when she enters with that 1000 watt radiance on her face.

Katrina Kaif
Now you see it, now you don’t — unwanted acne was often seen playing hide and seek on Katrina Kaif’s face. Acne is the bane of most actresses — long hours of wearing heavy makeup eventually clogs the pores.  But they learn quickly how to handle it or hide it! Today there is no telltale evidence of any flaw in Kat’s skin tone — she’s been sporting a super-soft peaches “n” cream complexion of late and continues to look amazing.

Bipasha Basu
Here’s another Bong bombshell whose latest fitness mania has everyone awed and inspired to work out. Exercise boosts circulation and makes the skin glow, but extreme workouts and zero fat diets to attain that lean muscled look can put a strain on the skin.
We’ve sometimes caught that fatigue on Bip’s face when she’s clicked unawares. However, she’s a welcome break from run-of-the-mill ‘gori-chitti’ starinas and epitomizes the fact that dusky is also beautiful (very necessary to our fairness-obsessed Indian population).

Amrita Arora
Amrita has a lot to live up to having an immaculately turned out elder sister like Malaika.
An episode of extreme weight loss in between had given her dark circles and a haggard look, but she seems to have found her balance since and recovered her skin  health — those high cheekbones are sparkling once again!
The proverbial “English rose,” she has a milk and roses complexion most women would die for. Good skin circulation gives her that healthy blush.
This type of skin, however, is very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and needs high SPF sunscreens to protect it from sunburn. Alabaster smooth skin, a tightness of pores and a total lack of any visible lines on her face belie this yesteryear siren’s age. Sri has very well maintained skin — a lot of hard work or a natural gift? That’s for her to know and you to guess!

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