Indian-American musical duo Twinjabi: ‘Fans made us realise power of our art’

Mumbai, Feb 16 (IANS) Indian-American musical duo Twinjabi says they have their fans to thank for their growing popularity. The twins, Kush and Neil Nijhawan, are excited about the feedback coming in for their new song titled Talk of the town.
When did they first feel that they had become ‘talk of the town’? “When our fans started to message us that our music was changing their lives. We realised the power of our art. We’ve had athletes tell us that songs like ‘Desi dons’ help them train harder, youth saying that our music helps them study more for a test. It’s all over the place. We consider our fans as part of our family. We call it Twinjabi Gang. We are all on this journey together, and we want our fans to be great in their own right,” the duo says.
Talk of the town is written, composed and performed by Twinjabi, and the song released on February 12.
“The story of the song is up to interpretation. There is a lot of meaning in the lyrics. We want to leave that to the listener. When we write and compose a song, the process is simple — just feel the vibe,” they shared.

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