India will be global leader in post-Covid economy: Jitendra Singh

New Delhi, Nov 3 (IANS) Union Minister Jitendra Singh said on Tuesday that India will emerge as the global leader in post Covid-19 world economy. Interestingly, the remark comes on a day the BJP also held a press conference to reiterate the government’s promise of becoming a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2024.
“India will emerge as the global leader in the post Covid-19 world economy. The preemptive steps taken by the Indian government in enforcing earliest lock down saved many lives and further damage to the Indian economy. The lock-down period has taught us many lessons of life and this adversity has emerged as a virtue for us,” said the Union Minister of State of the PMO. He added that it will be made possible “under the able leadership” of Prime Minister Modi.
He was speaking while after inaugurating a Webinar on “Economic Revival through Capital Markets post Covid-19” here on Tuesday.
The webinar was organised by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.
Speaking about the role of India’s North-Eastern Region in the nation’s economy, Singh, who also heads the DONER Ministry, said that the North-Eastern Region will be one of the favorite business destinations of India post COVID-19 and bamboo is going to be the key pillar of the economic activities.
Describing bamboo as a silver lining in the dark clouds of the pandemic, Singh said, it will help in shaping the economy of North East and entire country in the post-Covid era.
He added that the region is going to play a “very vital role in reviving the Indian economy” post Covid-19 and its development will work as a “new engine” to the economy. He also said that the N-E will emerge as an alternative to European tourist destinations after Covid-19.
He cited only few Covid-19 cases in the north- east region to be the reason.

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