India waiting for the right leader, party: KCR

Hyderabad, April 12 (IANS) Claiming that the Bharat RashtraSamithi (BRS) is receiving huge response in Maharashtra, party president and Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao said on Wednesday that the country is waiting for the right leader and the right party.
KCR, as the Chief Minister is popularly known, said the kind of response BRS is getting in Maharashtra is beyond his own expectations.
KCR was addressing a ‘Dawat-e-Iftar’ hosted by the state government at the L.B. Stadium here.
Stating that the country is passing through a difficult phase, the BRS chief said that it is a temporary phase and ultimately truth and justice will prevail.
He said the Telangana RashtraSamithi (TRS) was turned into BRS to make an effort to save the country.
“The country belongs to all, and we have to save it at any cost. We will fight till the last drop of our blood but will not compromise,” KCR told the large gathering.
Calling for safeguarding the composite culture of the country, the BRS leader said, “Nobody can change our traditions and history. Those who try will go but the country will remain.”
KCR, however, stressed the need to act wisely without getting swayed by emotions.
“When I was fighting for Telangana, I knew that ‘Allah keghar der hai, andher nahi’,” he said.
Referring to the progress made by Telangana across sectors during the last nine years, KCR said the state has no competition.
He also said the Central government itself has revealed in the Parliament that Telangana has the highest per capita income in the country.
“Our per capita income is higher than that of bigger states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka,” he said.
KCR added that per capita power consumption in the state has doubled in nine years while farmers’ suicides have come to an end, and those who had migrated are now coming back to the state.
He pointed out that while paddy cultivation in the country is happening on 94 lakh acres, Telangana alone accounts for 56.40 lakh acres.
“There is no drinking water and power problem in the state. We are moving ahead, but the country is lagging behind. If the Centre had performed at par with Telangana, our GDP would have been higher by Rs 3-4 lakh crore,” he said.
KCR also said his government spent Rs 12,000 crore on minority welfare in nine years, while during the preceeding 10 years of Congress rule, only Rs 1,180 crore was spent.
Ministers, Muslim leaders from BRS, AIMIM chief AsaduddinOwaisi, religious scholars and others attended the Iftar party.

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