India to have 257 crore vaccine doses by December: Nadda

New Delhi, June 21 (IANS) Bharatiya Janata Party national president J.P. Nadda has said that by December, India will have about 257 crore vaccine doses. The country is fully prepared to provide both doses of the vaccine to everyone, he said.
Nadda said every BJP worker will participate in this mega vaccination campaign with full vigour and will make India Covid-free.
Attacking the opposition, Nadda said that some political leaders are seen only on Twitter nowadays, some are seen in press conferences, some only give press handouts. “All political leaders have gone into quarantine during the pandemic, but BJP workers are risking their lives to serve the people,” he said.
Nadda added: “The leaders who had earlier expressed doubts about the vaccine are getting the vaccine now. I want to ask whether they changed their mind, changed their hearts or changed their souls. They did not even spare this holy work for doing politics. There has been a lot of politics on the vaccine. The opposition leaders had earlier expressed doubts on the vaccine. An attempt was made to obstruct this great campaign by making false statements. Despite this, 130 crore people of the country have come forward for vaccination on the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

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