India reduced to lowly buyer, Congress on Trump’s visit

New Delhi, Feb 24 (IANS) Raising the pitch on the visit of US President Donald Trump, the Congress on Monday alleged that India has been reduced to a lowly buyer from America, rather than being a strategic partner.
“India has been reduced to a lowly buyer state from a strategic Partner. India has no role in Afghan Peace Process,” said former Union Minister Manish Tewari.
The Congress said that only gainers from the Trump’s visit are arms manufacturers.
“Only gainers of Trump 36-hour Tamasha commencing at noon today are going to be Boeing’s, Lockheed Martin’s, General Atomics and other merchants of death,” Tewari tweeted.
The Congress said that in 3 years as US President, Donald Trump has gutted the Global Multilateral order, walked out of Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), virtually torpedoed NATO, insulted America’s closest allies, unleashed suppressed bigoted and racist tendencies in US. He prefers deals over vision.
Further commenting on Indo-US relations, Tewari said, “Pak Special Relationship is back on track. Quad China except for an airy fairy Blue Dot network there is nothing to counter BRI in substantive terms. US-Iran Tensions hurt Indian Oil Refineries the most. Quad is a complete non-starter. India falls in between the cracks of..”
In another tweet, Tewari said, “1/4 Cent-Com qua Paf-Com. Visit is a fluff. A Specticalization of Diplomacy designed to detract from the fact that the NDA/BJP Govt has failed to secure India’s interest and the last big Idea in the relationship was in 2005 – India-US Nuclear Deal that smashed Nuclear apartheid.

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