India is safer, says US citizen, wanting to extend his stay

Kochi, April 30 (IANS) Theatre activist Terry John Converse (74) is an American citizen and has been stuck in the city since the lockdown, but he has with him a Kerala High Court order that allows him to remain in India till May 17. He now wishes to remain here for another six months.
This is the second time his visa has been extended.
The first time it was extended on March 27, to April 25, as the nationwide lockdown came into effect on March 24.
The court will now take up his petition on extended stay on May 17 and if the lockdown continues, then again Converse will get an automatic extension.
He has said he feels safer in India than in the US as the pandemic has taken a heavy toll there.
He is staying with Charu Narayanakumar, who is also a theatre activist of the Phoenix World Theatre.
Converse has been in India since September last year and has conducted many workshops. He says he is an emeritus professor in theatre, attached to the Washington State University. He was in India in 2012 on a Fulbright program.

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