India is in denial of genocide of Kashmiri Pandits, says report

New Delhi, Dec 5 (IANS) The state of India is in complete denial of the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits in Jammu and Kashmir, and the Kashmiri Pandit community continues to be sacrificial lambs on the altar of ‘Kashmiryat’ and ‘secularism’. This has been stated in the conclusion of a fact-finding report ‘Unabated Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits’.
“The report is based on the life of Hindu minority in Kashmir post-abrogation of Article 370 and after targeted killings since the start of 2020.”
A three-member fact-finding delegation comprising Rahul Kaul, Amit Raina and Vithal Chodwdhary was nominated by frontline Kashmiri Pandit organisations like Panun Kashmir, Roots in Kashmir and Youth 4 Panun Kashmir.
The brief of the committee was to visit the camps of PM Package employees in the Valley, employees serving and families living in the Valley and PM Package employees protesting in Jammu.
The report in its conclusion said that internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir are caught up between the forces that continue to perpetrate genocide on them and the forces of denial of the genocide.
It also said that the PM Package, which is primarily an economic and survival package, has been deliberately tweaked to make it look like a rehabilitation package. This package with its draconian and almost bonded labour conditions, is an exploitation of the vulnerabilities of a community facing genocide.
“Political parties, including the leaders responsible for ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ being enacted in the Valley continue to enjoy patronage of the state. The prime example being the facilities and security being provided to political leaders like Mehbooba Mufti, Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, Sajad Lone, Altaf Bukhari, among many others,” it said.
It also said that almost zero conviction and the reluctance of the judiciary and executive to punish the perpetrators of these horrendous crimes further emboldens the jihadi elements in the Valley.
“The policies on the return and rehabilitation of internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir pursued by successive governments in the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir as well as in the Centre have been the most brazen expressions of denial of genocide. These policies have actually been attempts to enter into a deal with the Muslim separatist fundamentalist class in Kashmir responsible for genocide of Hindus in Kashmir. Such policies seek to hand over the victims of genocide to a Muslim fundamentalist order that allowed genocide to happen,” said conclusion of the report.
The report said that making Hindus of Kashmir to vote in exile through postal ballot is one more ugly and ruthless expression of denial of genocide perpetrated on Hindus of Kashmir living in exile.
The denial of genocide of Hindus in Kashmir has not only been destructive to Hindus of Kashmir but has also led to spillover of jihad into rest of India. Expansion of Islamist ideologies is taking place along the length and breadth of India. Demographic assaults are happening in numerous places across India, the report added.
The report has recommended that PM package employees may be relocated outside the Valley or deployed/attached in the Relief Commissioners’ Office, Jammu, in order to avoid further genocidal/target killings of Hindus in the Valley. It also recommended that a Genocide Bill should be enacted immediately.
“The Prevention of Kashmir Genocide and Atrocities Bill as proposed and submitted by Panun Kashmir to the Government of India may be taken as reference while enacting the Genocide Bill,” it recommended.

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