Independents & smaller fries: Who stands where in Maha?

New Delhi/Mumbai, Oct 31 (IANS)
The political game in Maharashtra is fast changing with every second minute. Now, IANS has learnt which independent MLAs and smaller party MLAs stand where. Shiv Sena, BJP, NCP or none — where do the loyalties lie?
In a first of its kind detailed breakdown, IANS has learnt that as of now, the BJP has 6 MLAs in its kitty over and above its 105 MLAs and the Sena has 7, which too is apart from its existing numbers (56). Sources have told IANS that BJP is likely to get another as Barshi MLA Rajendra Raut is likely to join the saffron party.

Who all have pledged support to Uddhav Thackeray?

As of now, Sena has 7 extra MLAs comprising 3 smaller party MLAs and 4 Independents.
According to sources, the three smaller party MLAs are Shankarrav Gadakh (Nevasa), Bachhu Kadu (Achalpur) and Rajkumar Patel (Melghat).
The 4 Independents whom Sena have been able get on board, as per sources, are Manjula Gavit (Sakri), Chandrakant Nimba Patil (Muktainagar), Ashish Jaiswal (Ramtek) and Narendra Bhondekar (Bhandara).

Who all have pledged support to Devendra Fadnavis?

The BJP so far has managed to extract a word of support from 6 MLAs which constitutes of 1 MLA from a smaller party and 5 Independents.
The sole MLA who sources say has promised to hop on to the BJP if and when the need be is Vinay Kore of the Shahuwadi Jan Surajy Shakti party.
The 5 Independents who have pledged support to the BJP are Ravi Rana (Badnera), Vinod Agrawal (Gondiya), Kishore Jorgewar (Chandrapur), Geeta Jain (Mira Bhayandar) and Mahesh Baldi (Uran).

Independents who may go with NCP or Congress:

In this season of choosing between the Sena and the BJP, there are 4 Independent MLAs who are still undecided, but are likely to go with the NCP or the Congress.
They are Sanjay Mama Shinde (Karmala), Rajendra Vitthal Raut (Barshi), Prakashanna Aware (Ichalkaranji) and Shivaji Dhondiram Sankpal (Shirol).

Smaller parties who will stay in opposition:

There are as many as 10 MLAs from smaller parties who are all set to play the role of opposition without supporting any political formation, sources told IANS.
They are 1 MLA from CPI-M, 2 MLAs from Samajwadi Party, 2 MLAs from Owaisi’s AIMIM, 3 MLAs from Bahujaj Vikas Aghadi and 1 MLA each from PWPI and Swabhimani Paksh.

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