Inaugural banquet to be held in September IndiaFest Int’l to launch major initiatives


Chicago: A unique fusion inaugural banquet in September 2010, with the theme of “Global India” a 40-member business delegation from Chicago to four major Indian cities — Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Ahmedabad in January 2011, a “Taste of India” festival at Millennium Park in Downtown Chicago to introduce India’s rich heritage in summer of 2011, a “Pride of India Awards” high profile banquet in October 2011 and an “India Film Festival” in collaboration with Hollywood in 2012 were the highlights of IndiaFest International kick-off party held at the posh Yacht Club in Chicago on June 15.

IndiaFest International was conceived by Anil Chugh of Market Links; Rajinder Bedi, founder of Indian Reporter, and Prashant Shah, founder of India Tribune.

Giving details of IndiaFest projects to invited guests; President Rajinder Bedi introduced the festival team – Eric Shah, Publisher of India Tribune; Jatinder Bedi, Publisher of Indian Reporter; Usha Kamaria, a selfless community activist, Falguni Rana, and Faisal Khan, cultural coordinators.

Rajinder Bedi said “IndiaFest International would be officially launched with its inaugural fusion banquet on September 12 at Navy Pier in Chicago. The fusion banquet would highlight India’s age-old cultural heritage combined with a glimpse of modern India.

The Trade Mission to India from January 15, 2011 to January 30, 2011 would visit major financial, political and IT and manufacturing institutions in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi. The members of the Trade Mission would be meeting their Indian trading counterparts to explore new business ventures, supply chain management, distribution channels, market segmentation, and economies of scale, operational efficiencies and other business opportunities. Bedi said that the business delegation would also visit health research centers as well as educational institutions to explore the commercial potential of    existing, expanding and new knowledge-based ventures. The delegation would also interact with State and Federal leaders, including Chief Ministers, cabinet level ministers and heads of trade associations. The trade mission participants would also be attending the Republic Day Parade on January 26, 2011 in New Delhi.

In addition to the Trade Mission to India, a major initiative of IndiaFest International in 2011 would be a two-day family extravaganza “Taste of India” at the Millennium Park in Downtown Chicago sometime in the month of July or August 2011. “This challenging festival will highlight the richness and diversity of Indian culture to the citizens of Chicago and the rest of the world. The activities will range from culinary events, conferences, and film screenings to exhibitions. The star-packed entertainment will feature the best of Indian music and performing arts,” Bedi added.

Thanking the distinguished guests, Eric Shah emphasized that these ambitious projects needed community support. This was not a mission for a few people. It required community’s participation and support from the young and old in the initiatives that IndiaFest International was launching, he concluded.

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