In house Temple (Pooja Room) as per Vastu Shastra

The Pooja room is the most significant room in any residential, industrial or commercial premises. Vastu Shastra plays a major role in placing the temple or making prayer rooms in our home. It has been said “if you have an in-house temple in home then your home will be like temple” so make sure you always leave some space in right direction and right corner to have prayer room. It has nothing to do with religion but having a prayer room in home brings peace among occupants. Similarly, if it is a commercial work place, it still it brings harmony among employees and employers. Many homes have prayer rooms but is that all to obtain peace? No, one still needs to follow nature’s norms to make the prayer room at the most appropriate place in home.
Let’s talk about how we can make prayer rooms or just place temples in our homes or businesses which bring us peace. First thing we should keep in mind is how placing the God in our inhouse temple is different than the actual temple where we go to worship. That’s why its important that while designing inhouse temple we need to follow the Vastu Shastra principal which can give you better ideal of making prayer room. According to Vastu Shastra there are some specifications to make prayer rooms and one should follow these norms.

• Temple should be preferably placed in North-East corner.
• Temple has to have base from ground and should not be kept hanging.
• Temple should be placed in such a way that devotee faces East and the god faces west.
• Marble and Wooden temple are advisable.
• Temple has to have doors and Curtain.
• Prayer room should not be in Basement, Balcony or Garage.

So, these are key points we need to keep into consideration. Also we have to make sure that the god should be placed in an appropriate area of the home. Most people don’t find place to keep the god and end up having temple in storage room, kitchen platform, bedroom, on toilet wall or under the staircase. This is not acceptable, having more than a 1000 sq. ft. home and not having 5X5 space for a prayer room is not right. So, plan ahead when you are buying or constructing a new home to find the most suitable place for God to get peace, prosperity and happiness in that premises.
Now once you make the proper prayer room you need to understand how to place God into the temple and what is significant. Generally, we should not keep more than 5 god idols or pictures under one roof of temple. Secondly there should not be similar or broken idols of God under one temple. There should not be any pictures or idol of the God other than the temple. That means when you need God, you go to temple, not just anywhere in your home you keep the god pictures and idol.
Some people want God pictures everywhere: in Cars, Wallets, Bags, Bedrooms & door frames etc. If you really what to be around the God or nature you can recite verses or take the name of god but for your convenience, don’t keep pictures or idols of God everywhere. Basically, you have to create one place where you and God have a bond, that place is called temple. Also, prayer rooms are designed in such a way that natural flow of energy from East to West passes through the god idol or picture and comes to devotee when we face East while praying to the god. Close temple door once regular prayers are done, don’t leave temple door open all the time. North-East corner is always more energized with positive energy so if your temple is in the right direction, it will bring prosperity to your family.
Business premises are optional to have temples or prayer rooms since there are different houses or operation and different work environments. So for any reason if you can’t have prayer room then you can place “Yantra” there and that brings prosperity or some type of Yoga room or Library that can be created in the North-East corner. That is so this area stays clean as well positive energy keep spreading to the work premises. As I said earlier at work place it helps to create harmony among employees and employers. Make necessary changes to your prayer room or temple and be happy.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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