In filmy style, Chennai SI catches bike-borne phone snatcher

Chennai, Nov 28 (IANS) Greater Chennai Commissioner of Police Mahesh Aggarwal on Saturday appreciated Sub-Inspecter Antlin Ramesh for chasing and nabbing a bike-borne mobile phone snatcher.
Tweeting a CCTV video of Ramesh catching the thief, Aggarwal said: “It’s not a scene from any movie. But the real life hero SI Antiln Ramesh single-handedly chasing and catching a mobile snatcher riding a stolen bike. Follow up led to arrest of three more accused and recovery of 11 snatched/stolen mobiles.”
Ramesh was seen chasing two bike-borne mobile phone snatchers. While one thief managed to run away, the other tried to escape on the bike.
Ramesh dumped his own bike and caught hold of the escaping thief and also fell down in the process. Nevertheless, he regained balance and held on to the snatcher.

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