Imran Khan says he still holds the trump card

Islamabad, March 23 (IANS) Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that he still holds the trump card on the situation that emerged after the opposition submitted a no-confidence motion against him, and when he reveals the card the opposition leaders will be surprised, Samaa TV reported.
Speaking to a group of senior journalists after he held a key political meeting, the Prime Minister said that the “surprise” would be revealed a day before or on the day of the vote on the no-confidence motion.
The opposition leaders cannot imagine how few members will be left with them, he said.
Khan also said that his coalition partners are not leaving him and they will take into account the public opinion before making a final decision.
In response to a question, the Prime Minister said there is no gulf between him and the Chief of the Army Staff.
He also said that no one should malign the army to advance their political goals, because if the army had not been there, Pakistan would have been divided into three parts.
Khan then ruled out the possibility of him stepping down as the Prime Minister, saying that he would not be pressurised by “thieves”.
He said if the no-confidence motion against him succeeds, he would not sit at home and people will see how big a storm is kicked up, Samaa TV reported.
Khan said that he could have bought the loyalties of MNAs by using about Rs 15 billion from the exchequer as the PTI has four governments — one in the centre and three in provinces — but he would not do so.

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