Imran Khan all praise for India’s foreign policy

Lahore, Aug 14 (IANS) Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again praised India’s foreign policy, which he said works for the people of the country.
Speaking at a rally in Lahore on Saturday, Khan said that India bought oil from Russia because it was in its people’s interest, but the Pakistan government did not have the guts to do so, despite skyrocketing inflation, ARY News reported.
“If India can safeguard the interests of their people, why cannot our government do the same? Because they are afraid about their foreign properties,” he said.
At the rally, as per reports, Khan played a video clip of Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar.
“Jaishankar is telling them who are you? Jaishakar said ‘Europe is buying gas from Russia and we will also buy it as people need it’. This is what an independent country should be like,” Khan said while praising India.
Reiterating that he only wants to look after Pakistan’s interests, Khan said that he is not “anti-America” and wishes to have a friendly relationship with the United States, Geo News reported.
“I know America and the United Kingdom better than most of the Pakistanis… I know their psychology; if you beg them, they will use you,” the ex-premier said.
The PTI chairman added that he has never bowed before anyone and neither will he bow down in the future.
Khan also castigated the incumbent government, saying that Defence Minister Khawaja Asif — when he was in the opposition — had said that the US has “Pakistan on a ventilator”.
“I want to ask them, why is the situation like this that we are on a ventilator? For the last 30 years, two families — belonging to PPP and PML-N — ruled Pakistan and they indebted the nation,” Khan said, Geo News reported.

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