‘Immigrants should pay £5,000 to use public services’

London: Immigrants should pay a bond of  £5,000  to cover costs of using public services before they are issued visas to come to the UK, a key ally of Prime Minister David Cameron has suggested.

Tory MP Nick Boles, a friend and former aide of Cameron, has urged the government to impose a “surety” on migrants before granting them visas.

This would be returned only if they paid several times more on tax than the value of their deposit, he said.

Boles said the government needed to go further in making sure immigrants contributed to society or risk spread social unrest.

He said immigration had been “too high in recent years.” We need to make sure people who come here make a financial commitment to the country which they’ll get back in a few years time.

Last year 190,640 foreign workers and their dependants moved to Britain, despite unemployment hitting 2.5 million.

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